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Fermín Gramajo (born August 29, 2004), known professionally as Fermín Gramajo, is a Guatemalan-born music composer, entrepreneur, Digital Creator and human currently living in the United States. Fermín Gramajo is known for his websites building skills, animated sites, being as Virgo (not showing up as people use to). An influential figure in popular websites and sometimes in music, he first site builded by phone in 2010 was personally experienced, and he has said it was a success, and now he probably will use it as example for big moments later.

Fermín Gramajo’s nicknames: Fer, Pher, Fermín, and Pher G.



Fermín Gramajo is a Digital Creator (born in August 29, 2004), works on creating Podcasts, Music, Websites, Entrepreneur based on Digital Media and Marketing projects.

Also: fermingramajo, about fermingramajo or Who is Fermín Gramajo?

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Positions: Digital Creator

Lives In: Guatemala


Fermín Gramajo was born in Guatemala currently living in United States - Fermín Gramajo, lived and raised in Guatemala with more than a couple of years during his beginning of his career with Digital arts & media (Digital Creator) he now has decided to start showing and working on public.

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Fermín Gramajo

• Lives In: United States • Born in: Guatemala

• Raised in: Guatemala • Category: Digital Creator

• Username: @fermingramajo • Works for: Pher G Inc

• Appears on: Podcasts, Music, Websites +10 more.


To contact Fermín Gramajo, you need to email to any of their assistants first. Sending an email to Fermín Gramajo is totally free, and fine as well. You can contact Fermín Gramajo by email: [email protected] or sending a text to any of his social medias (Instagram, Snapchat +More.)

Getting a response from Fermín Gramajo may delay 3-6 days or less.

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a young man is holding his head up while listening to music

This website was created with love (💕) by Fermín Gramajo, enjoy this and more pages to get discovered.

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Fermín Gramajo