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Fitness 🏃🏽

Welcome to Fermín Gramajo Fitness’s portfolio. This section is only available for personal reasons, school activities or nonprofit groups.


Step: 1

"Poly Parrots P.E. Teachers Only”

This image shows how Fermín Gramajo (known as Celso) ran for 20 minutes of exercise after school day. Date of: Month: December, Day: Thursday 15, Year of: 2022 during his particular day.

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This image is a private activity only, issued by the owner, Do Not Share or Promote it.

20 Minutes Running Activity has been completed by the Student.

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This image was taken as a screenshot to show the total steps that Fermín Gramajo (also known as Celso) ran for the 20 minutes of exercise today December 14 of 2022..


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